Nigeria was increasingly becoming a digital society, with over 97 million people online and over 53% penetration

To align with the changing consumer habits, WEMA sought to improve customer experience online

A first of its kind digital bank was launched to provide end to end banking solution and ease monetary transaction.

Generate awareness and (impactful) visibility for the launch of the first ever Digital Bank in Nigeria, using relevant media channels

Generate leads and sign-up to the platform

Make WEMA bank, the point of reference in Digital Banking in Nige

Radio was a lead medium in driving the ALAT launch campaign, as an effective reminder medium, all of the inventories on radio were explored to drive TOMA

High frequency spot placement within top ranking stations, during primetime belts and programs that resonate with TG

15mins Program sponsorship on selected radio stations

Hypes, mentions and live interviews with brand reps to increase product knowledge

Giveaways on Sponsored time belts to induce engagement and talk ability


After a successful launch campaign of ALAT by WEMA as Nigeria’s first digital bank in May 2017,Within its first 2 weeks, ALAT attracted over 30,000 new customers and has been growing at a pretty fast pace since then.

ALAT by WEMA won best digital Bank award from world finance magazine

ALAT also recorded 13.6% increase in profit

ALAT currently enjoys over 1 billion in bank deposits

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