Lagos City Marathon 2017

SBC keyed into the LAGOS CITY MARATHON in collaboration with ACCESS BANK. The aim of this campaign was initiate at increasing brand visibility across the race route, start and end point.

Make both Aquafina and 7Up synonymous with the race such that at any point both brands are TOM.

Massive visibility across start point, race route and finish point using massive branding materials like flag poles, gantries, pitch panels and massive inflatable bottles of 7UP and Aquafina brand. Massive sampling.

Massive and impactful visibility of flagship brand from start point through race route to end point.

Set-up of 114 flag poles across 42km race route from start point through race route to finish point.

16 massive inflatable bottles, 20ft and 40ft of both Aquafina and 7up were erected along the race route.

8 Gantries set-up along race route for massive visibility.

13 gazebo set-up across 42km race route as water point to hand out water to participants during the race.

Proper management of all visibility materials along race track.

On time and in-full set-up of all visibility materials before event kick off.

Proper tear down, haulage and reconciliation of all materials form all set-up points to the client.

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