Unilever: Sunlight Best Of Both Worlds

Unilever, manufacturer of Sunlight 2-in-1 detergent wanted to communicate to their target audience the 2-in-1 attribute (freshness and cleaning strength) of two variants of the Sunlight 2-in-1 detergent

We came up with a strategic idea to link the awareness of this offering to a human truth - which is that certain desires validate double needs, hence the #BestofBothWorlds.

We created a #BestofBothWorlds movement online where we partnered with target celebrity personalities, bloggers and OAPs to share pictures and videos of what #BestofBothWorlds means to them and get the audience to join in on the conversation. It was also a conversation that was driven on radio. We created content for radio hypes weekly and managed the free airtime vouchers for winners on the radio show.

Media Exposure Analysis: 56% earned media and 44% paid media Circulation Analysis: 33,461,200 paid media and 14,634,100 earned media. 34 online mentions were generated, out of which 18 were earned. Also, 182 radio hype guides were drafted for 12 radio stations.

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