The Group – Insight Redefini

Shapers of Meaning, by Design Redefining the future of marketing.


A marketing communications and business innovations company built for the new age. 

We are the re-definers of conventional thinking, going beyond old methods of building brands, to a more flexible process, that enables us to learn fast, respond quickly, collaborate widely, and use technology to improve delivery. 


We operate through our 5 hubs ( Insight Publicis, All Season’s Zenith, Starcom Media Perspectives, Quadrant MSL, and Leo Burnett Lagos )  with the goal of ensuring seamless operations, optimized value, and services that are designed to influence consumers on a deeper level.


Insight Redefini is part of 2 companies, TROYKA Holdings and the Publicis Groupe (the world’s third-largest marketing communications group).


As part of the Publicis Groupe, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to strengthen their footprint across African and international markets.


“This partnership shows our drive to continually evolve and disrupt the upstream, midstream, and downstream marketing communications world as we know it. The expansion surely guarantees us the ability to drive growth and value for our clients especially in these times where the world is fast evolving. We identify with the need to consolidate expertise in today’s world hence the birth of Insight Redefini”.
Dr. Ken Onyeali Ikpe Group CEO


Our connected business model means that the Insight Redefini Group is the platform for businesses to access 16+ best-in-class services across top marketing companies. In this model, all our companies still exist individually but all share one operational pillar which gives them the power and expertise to deliver solutions on a global scale. 


This model allows us to use 6 different lenses to review how we do business and create value for our clients. We call these our 6 corporate standards. 


1. Unity of Belief: All the 6 companies within the group believe in using creativity, intelligence and technology to design transformative experiences for humans.


2. A differentiated Approach: The group uses the IR way™ as a framework to developing solutions.


3. Clarity on what value means to our Stakeholders: By stakeholders, we means our clients, shareholders, investors, talents and humanity as a whole. We are clear that value means different things to different cohorts and it takes a systematic approach to deliver any form of meaning.


4. Clarity on why we exist: We exist to help guide businesses and brands into the higher purpose of creating human-centered products and services that enrich people’s lives and helps them live with dignity.


5. Strong Competencies: Our client’s sustained business growth has proven our ability to apply strategic thinking and creative expertise to nurturing business acceleration.

We show a deep understanding of 4 broad areas
– Consumer and Industry Trends
– The use of Technology to provide efficient and effective solutions
– Brand Love Strategies
– Marketing Innovation

6. Our Culture: We have a passionate culture that is driven by people who are forward-thinking and have adaptive mindsets.

It is based on a premise that if we look after our people and consistently do great work, fame and fortune will follow.